The Artist

I have been interested in artwork and caricatures from a very early age and have drawn and painted since i can remember. Having achieved a National Diploma in Graphic Design in 1992 and a 2i degree in 1997, I decided to start my own online artwork company called ‘splattt.com’ selling caricature prints and airbrushed artwork of the rich and famous. In 2007, having been renamed ‘garytymon.com’, I am still producing a variety of arwork prints of famous film, tv and music stars but have also introduced commissioned work for custom caricatures and oil paintings producing for clients all around the globe. Much of my work for caricatures and airbrush artwork involves the use of a wacom computer tablet with a digital pen and many hours of eyeballing a computer screen but I still enjoy going back to basics with the pen and brush for my oil and acyrlic paintings.

Featured Artwork

I have been featured in the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society magazine and the Dads Army Appreciation Society fanclub magazine, featured in the book ‘Marilyn In Art’ by Roger Taylor published by Chaucer Press, which features one of my ‘many’ artwork pieces of the great Marilyn Monroe, have designed the poster artwork for the new ‘Boycie and Marlene’ 2010 UK Tour starring John Challis and Sue Holderness and been featured in the charity book ‘Michael Jackson – Moonwalk Through Art’. Also available at christmas is the childrens book ‘The Extroidinary Adventures Of Travelling Ted’ which i’ve recently finished the illustrations for, and also 2 upcoming books in 2010, ‘Travelling Ted Rocks!’ (the 2nd Ted book) and ‘Mr Jones’ Magic Computer Shop’.

  • The Tony Hancock Appreciation Society Magazine
  • The Dads Army Appreciation Society Magazine
  • ‘Marilyn In Art’ by Roger Taylor published by Chaucer Press
  • Poster Artwork for the ‘Boycie and Marlene 2010 UK Tour’
  • ‘Moonwalk Through Art’ by Anne Peters
  • ‘The Extroidinary Adventures Of Travelling Ted’ by Greg Doolan
  • ‘Mr Jones’s Magic Computer Shop’ by Neil Watkinson
  • ‘Travelling Ted Rocks!’ by Greg Doolan (in 2010)
  • Illustration for ‘John Dubell Website’
  • ‘Retrieval Of The Lost Data Artwork’ for PC Academy
  • ‘The PCA Team Artwork’ for PC Academy
  • ‘Attack Of The Clone Virus Artwork’ for PC Academy
  • ‘King Of Computers Artwork’ for PC Academy
  • Poster for ‘Robin Hood – The Musical 2010 UK Tour’
  • Poster for ‘Cleo Camping Dick & Emmanuelle’ UK Tour


  1. Hello,
    you are beautiful paintings!! I want to ask if I could use one image for your web pages that deal with breeding minishetland. Figure I threw it as a logo.
    Thank you for your reply .. Regards Elizabeth

  2. Hi Gary. Beautiful work. I was wondering if I could use your Mountain Lion image as a basis for an engraving?

    Thanks for your reply. Dan

    1. Hi Dan, yes that’s no problem, you can use the Mountain Lion image for the engraving. Regards, Gary

  3. Hello Gary, I wanted to ask you if I can use your sketch of a bearded collie for commercial pursope, it will be for a wine label, but I’ll need it without the watermark, thanks.

    1. Hi Cristian, afraid I’m not able to offer the Bearded Collie artwork for commercial purposes as it was an exclusive for a customer, but I do offer commissioned work if you want anything done. My website is at http://www.garytymon.com which has more info on commissions and prices etc.
      best regards, Gary

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