Month: August 2009


Still hard at work on the Ted book illustrations, starting on the final artwork which i’ll be posting when its done. Also, been sent the front cover of the Tidbits newspaper article (below). Just got back from my UK adventures following PJ. Very tired, lack of sleep, legs aching, money gone, but has been amazing, met some great people. Now for the post tour blues…


Outside the O2 in London & after the show


2 more days….

Another scorcher today, i missed it though as i was working all last night into the early hours on the Ted book and decided to be a lazy arse and have a lie in. 2 more days to go till i get all hot and sweaty again in Manchester. Have also been asked to donate a piece of artwork for a new online Michael Jackson book, can see details here Ted book is slowly coming along, will post some more roughs tomorrow and maybe next week can make a start on the final artwork. On a more serious note, the mouse hasnt been seen for days and the cat has disappeared too… this doesnt look good!

Spin The Black Circle

Phew! went to the most amazing concert ever – Pearl Jam at the Shepherds Bush Empire with special guests Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones and Simon Townshend (brother of Pete). What a show! Still not come down. Met Ed, Stone and Boom after the show, signed a few things and shook Eddies hand. Wow!







It’s a beautiful day…

Apparently its been another beautiful sunny day in Doncaster, best weather of the year so far, apparently yes.. but im stuck inside working hard on these book illustrations drawing teddy bears snowboarding down mountains and yeti’s in caves. Brilliant! Its not all bad, the hayfever season has finally come to an end, I can now go back to breathing through my nose… and also my Elvis caricature (the red one) is being used in a US newspaper ‘Tidbits’ in Georgia, Texas for an article about the king, obviously…  but the most exciting news is we have a tiny mouse living under one of the bird tables in the garden. It comes out every now and again and grabs a nut or two that the birds have dropped. The problem is, there is a big tabby cat that comes and sits in front of his little front door for hours on end. I’ll keep you informed…