Month: November 2009

Blast from the past!

Heres a blast from the past…1999 to be exact. This was one of the first pieces of artwork i completed, all done with photoshop. The actual caricature/cartoon was drawn by an artist for the comic Marvel Secret Wars (which came out back in 1987 ish) and was a simple black and white pen drawing so i decided to transform it into full colour to get experience with using photoshop and its many tools and because i loved the drawing so much. Decided to dig this out of the vault as i was watching the new Spiderman 3 movie last night and im in a bit of a spiderman mood…

I think it took me at least 2 weeks to complete, hours and hours of colouring in and doing all the detail in the background and on the buildings, and all this was done using a mouse and a crap packard bell 14″ monitor!!

Busy bee!

Been a busy week, lots of work coming in since the recent book illustrations. Was going to try and get some more prints done for sale on the website but looks like i’m going to have to put them on the backburner for now. Also the great pre christmas weather has finally arrived, gusting winds, rain, dark clouds and its cold… think its time for hibernation, roll on the summer! Heres a couple of commissions – Tweety Pie & Sylvester and the Tazmanian Devil!

Ted’s back…

Another commission piece of Travelling Ted, this time playing golf. Here is the rough design.


…and here is the finished piece. Had to make a few changes to the rough – a baseball cap instead of a hat with the word adidas written on it and also needed his belly slimming down a touch (i wish it was that easy in the real world!).


On the drawing board…

Here is the rough artwork for the PC Academy second picture with Neil and Tony sat in the sledge filled with presents and rudolph pulling it. As you can see the black outline is finished and im halfway into blocking the colours, not sure if there is going to be a background yet but will post the final artwork when its completed.


Just breathe…

WIDGET ALERT!!! – Another single from Pearl Jam, my favourite from the backspacer album (good choice me thinks!).

[clearspring_widget title=”Pearl Jam – Just Breathe” wid=”4af0fd463bd11ea8″ pid=”4af899c2d86b9deb” width=”400″ height=”320″ domain=””]

Its here……HOORAH!!!!!


Finally after weeks and weeks of waiting, the postie put a dvd shaped parcel through the letterbox Saturday morning and after nearly falling down the stairs and breaking my neck, ripped it open and lo and behold it was Windows 7. So it was banged straight into the PC and installed….. 2 hours later…. i cant tell the difference, infact…. its exactly the same as Vista SP2… apart from the taskbar is different and it shows you open windows better i suppose. I dunno. Maybe i’ll get more excited when i start figuring out all the amazing new stuff theyve cleverly hidden away from me somewhere but for the moment it just looks the same. Didn’t cost nothing though as it came free with the PC so i shouldnt complain, just slightly bemused at all the hype its been getting. Anyway, had a great weekend doing bits and bobs, went to a bonfire with lots of fireworks and tomorrow starting on 2 more commission pieces to be finished by friday…hopefully. Might even decide to wash the car if the weather is nice…

(edit) sod the car!