Month: January 2010

The PCA Team (finished artwork)

Here is the finished artwork titled ‘The PCA Team’ completed as a windows 7 wallpaper for PC Academy done in 1680 x 1050 pixels. Click on the image to view a slightly larger one…


My City Of Ruins…

Eddie Vedder’s performance of Bruce Springsteen’s “My City Of Ruins” from the recent Kennedy Center Honors is now available for purchase through the Pearl Jam Ten Club and iTunes for $.99. Proceeds from the sale of the track benefit Artists for Peace and Justice Haiti Relief. Buy now at these 2 links…


RNLI SOS Day 29th January

A friend of mine and a couple of his RNLI lifeboat crew at Teddington will be joining the crew of the Chiswick lifeboat station where they will be rowing the full 215 miles of the River Thames on two concept 2 rowing machines (exercise machines basically). They will be looking at completing this within 24 hours with each completing a 10 minute shift every hour!! The event will take place in the Bentalls shopping centre in Kingston Surrey on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th Jan. Help make a difference and save lives and please sponsor by going to the following web address –

Retrieval of the lost data…

Currently working on a commission caricature piece for PC Academy titled ‘Retrieval Of The Lost Data’ (a spin on Raiders of the Lost Ark’) to be used as a desktop wallpaper for Windows 7, featuring Neil as Indiana Jones running out of the cave, behind him a large boulder is hurtling towards him and also being chased by Tony carrying a spear and a couple of tribesmen blowing darts at him. Here is the rough design…

New artwork available – SNOW LEOPARD

Here’s a painting i’m working on at the moment, a snow leopard. Background colour is finished and just started blocking in the burnt umber and lighter browns of the fur. After that all the lighter blues and browns will be added to add volume and finally the whites.

Here i’ve got much of the face done, slowly working down from the face to the bottom left adding most of the whites and lighter colours aswell as detail in the eyes and mouth, all the finer detail like whiskers and bright white highlights are added at the end.

The face is now completed and now working my way down the body hair with a light brown/white slightly darker than the face area so that the face will stand out.

And once the body hair is completed i go over the hair again highlighting various areas and then finally the whiskers and really bright white parts of the painting are added. Here is the finished artwork available at

Winter Wonderland!

So that was christmas, finally its over. I think i ate about a weeks worth of food on christmas day, lots of chocolates, mince pies, baileys, not to mention the huge christmas dinner, christmas pud, and turkey sandwiches afterwards. I then spent boxing day regretting it but was forced to go out and have another huge meal, pudding etc later followed by a booze up. The next day was spent mostly on the toilet (abit like the exorcist but coming out the other hole). Anyway, it was a great christmas, new year’s eve (can’t remember…. too much guiness), 4 days of recovery and this morning woke up to find lots of snow everywhere… so i’ve been marrooned in the house all day, weather forcast says even more snow is due tomorrow. Great!!!!! Did i say i hoped it was going to be a white christmas…… i’ve changed my mind now!! ANyway, hope you all had a great christmas and new year….back to work now!