Month: August 2010

Harry & Maizie (finished artwork)

Heres a commission i’ve just finished of twins Harry and Maizie, completed in black watercolour pencil. Click on the image for a larger view…


Thumbs down!

Quite a few people who have bought the new ipad have asked me will i be getting one. At the mo… definately NO! I currently use a Wacom Cintiq tablet which in my opinion is an amazing tablet for drawing digitally, both the screen and pen are pressure sensitive and there are so many different variations to use with the brush tip through photoshop CS4 that i cant see why i should get rid of it in place of the ipad. Well, the big reason the ipad is not on my christmas shopping list is because of the lack of pressure sensitivity which for me is a big big limitation and im sure its the same for other digital artists. There are various workarounds for this problem, heres a video showing a software solution which any drawing app could incorporate into their programs…however, according to the developer the software uses a ‘private function call’ to work and Apple of course refuses to allow developers to use private APIs, so right now this functional software is not allowed on the iPad.

The other major drawback of the ipad is the lack of a precise stylus… so although i think its got a few advantages, for designers and artists it needs to be improved quite a bit, so i will stick with my Wacom tablet for the time being… Heres a vid of the beast herself, a bit larger than my tablet… and i don’t wear a white glove like michael jackson when im drawing WTF!!

Under Pressure

Here’s part of a new caricature im working on at the moment of rock group ‘Queen’, there will of course be Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon in the final piece but here is the great man himself Mr Freddie Mercury doing what he does best…

New website finally is up!

Phew! finally have uploaded the new website design to my server – . Must have spent the last 4 or 5 weeks on that, coding all the webpages and designing all the layouts etc (with Dreamweaver of course), aswell as learning all about CSS and web design through video tutorials. Whats new in the site? well apart from the layout design some of the major things are the addition of Google checkout as a payment option along with Paypal, also ive added a section to show some of the rough designs and how they transform into the finished artwork, changed the pricing for both the commissions and giclee prints available, and finally ive made the commissions section less confusing as before it was focused heavily on the caricature portraits and very little on the other commissions i offer but now i think its set out better showing things like book illustration work and general cartoon work. Aswell as all that ive included an ugly mug of myself on the homepage scribbling away on my tablet and tweaked little things here and there. Basically its completely redesigned from what was a table based layout before into an upto date CSS layout now. Had to be done and i think it looks a lot better than it did before if i do say so myself (big head!)…

Close to the finishing line!

Wow! how long since ive updated this blog! Where have i been? Well… decided a couple of months ago to revamp my website because when i coded it a few years ago all the layout and design was done using HTML and tables… Well, its 2010 now and designing with HTML and tables are old skool and are gently being phased out in favour of CSS, so basically ive had to start from scratch and re-learn everything about web design and Dreamweaver and it has taken much longer than expected. It is much easier to update and design with CSS but there is a hell of a lot to learn (which i managed to do by using lots of video tutorials and books). Anyway, the new improved website is very nearly finished and should be up for the 10th August. I’ve added a few tweaks to it which i’ll explain when its published, which make it a bit easier to navigate. I was going to get all fancy and add some flash video and effects to it but i’ll work on adding those at a later date. I need sleep!

Anyway, im trying to get everything organized on my hard drive at the moment so i can post some commissions ive been working on recently onto this blog. Will get those on as soon as i can!