Month: March 2014


Heres a recent pencil drawing of a Welsh Corgi Puppy completed with black watercolour pencil on watercolour paper. Can be purchased from my website as a limited edition signed print.



All Change!

Been hard at work the last 2 weeks redesigning my website – – As always I needed a refresher course on html and css! Anyway, its up now and working. Have totally redesigned the look of it, its now a black and white design to reflect the pencil artwork and the caricatures and airbrush have been retired, its now solely a pencil commissions website with a prints for sale section. I have also added twitter so I can post when my new artwork becomes available.


Have totally redone the prints for sale section into simpler galleries with cart buttons below each thumbnail and also added javascript to a lot of the pages.

I now need to get some sleep…