Month: October 2009

Ted book cover

The ted book has been printed and here is the finalised book cover – ‘The Extroidinary Adventures Of Travelling Ted – Impossible Is Nothing’ by Greg Doolan with illustrations by myself, will put up a link when its available to buy.



Halfway through the ‘Mr Jones’s Magic Computer Shop’ book illustrations, its been pretty quick to do as the background is being used in 7 of the 8 pages so its basically drawing and colouring in the characters in the foreground in various poses. Have had some questions about how i draw and colour in the caricatures and cartoons so in the next few weeks when i get a minute will post some tutorials on how they all come together. The new ‘beast’ of a computer is working like a dream, downloaded and installed all the important updates i need, added a few rippers and burners and editing tools aswell as photoshop and dreamweaver for all my artwork needs, only thing i need to do now is update windows vista to windows 7. A bit reluctant to update as Vista is working great but i suppose i’ll have to do it at some point. Installation CD is in the post which means im going to recieve it in a few weeks thanks to the postal strike!

The beast has arrived….

Decided it was about time i revamped the old computer as over the past few weeks ive had about 3 heart attacks and sleepless nights wondering if it was going to finally blow up with the amount of hammer its had over the past 4 years…. well, this beast arrived at my door yesterday morning – The ‘Titan Goliath’, Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz (overclocked to 3.40Ghz) Quad Core DDR3 System.  Basically…its a beast.


500Mb hard drive with a ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024MB graphics card, a coolmaster HAF case with many many fans and a very large heatsink fan. The speed is amazing compared to my old one which at the time was top of the range, and im basically trying to find my way around. Never had Windows Vista before, seems ok but will be downloaded Windows 7 the moment its ready. First thing i did when i got everything set up, Internet connection, Nortons antivirus, Vista settings, Monitor settings etc…… I played Solitaire!

Meet Lappy and his friends…

Just started the next book illustrations for ‘Mr Jones’s Magic Computer Shop – Lappy’s Key’ written by Neil Watkinson, a childrens story set in a computer repair shop involving lots of crazy characters, thought you would like to meet them all…

Lappy the laptop (the star of the show!)

 NEIL - 06 Lappy Laptop

Molly the monitor

NEIL - 05 Monitor Lady

Colin the computer

NEIL - 10 PC Man

Professor the motherboard

NEIL - 09 Motherboard

Terry the toolbox

NEIL - 08 Toolbox

Jasper the mouse

NEIL - 01 Mouse

Red Devil

NEIL - 07 Red Devil

Auntie Virus

NEIL - 04 Auntie Virus

Malware Man

NEIL - 02 Malware Man

Spyware Man

NEIL - 03 Spyware Man