Month: September 2009

Nearly at the finishing post…

 3 more final artworks to go and the Ted book is going into publication for christmas… phew, cant wait to put my feet up and relax…. (edit) Make that 4 more, another pic is needed for the back cover which shows a pic from the 2nd Ted book ‘Travelling Ted Rocks!’ which i will be doing the illustrations for next year, its being written at this very moment. Also, the Michael Jackson Art Project Charity book by Anne Peters is finished and will be available very soon to buy from Amazon or downloadable pdf file (cant put a link up yet but will do). All proceeds are going to the Red Cross so get your hand in your pocket. erm……what else…….still havent read up on how to adjust my new monitor so have decided to just squint when using it for the moment and when i get a free moment i’ll sort it out. Im so lazy!… Heres the last of the roughs for the Ted Book!

 PAGE 15






Cream crackered…

Phew! Nearly there, finished the final roughs for the book (post shortly) and now i’m blasting my way through these final pages, should hopefully be done by next week… just think of the money, thats what i keep saying. My monitor decided to blow up the other day and a brand spanking new 22 inch widescreen LCD arrived at my door this morning. Picture is so much better than the old one, colours are amazing and is very very…. very bright. Havent had a chance to properly read through the user manual to alter the settings yet but my eyes sort of look like this now.redeyes

Deadline approaching!!!

About half way through the ted artwork now, going well just a few more roughs to complete and then bang out the final artwork. After that its work on another childrens book ‘Mr Jones’s Magic Computer Shop’ which involves a Laptop in a computer repair shop with all his computer friends. Roughs are already done for that so shouldnt be a big job. Went for a visit to the Leeds Art Gallery on Monday, it was raining…infact every time i visit Leeds now its raining. Took some snaps of some very interesting pieces of art…. surrealism i think they call it. Only managed to take a few before a security man told me taking photos is not allowed or arms will be broken. I apologised and when he disappeared out of view sneakily took some anyway. Anarchy!


a pair of legs in a bucket…mmm


man with arrow in mouth…….?


Carrie standing next to a very large painting to show its very large….


this is were i said ‘lets get out of here and head to the pub’