General Illustrations

Signage for RNLI

Here are some signage illustrations completed for a friend involved with the RNLI crew in London (click the image for a larger view). The aim is the reduce the number of unnecessary drownings on the rivers, primarily young men, who swim after drinking alcohol and drown. Click on the link below to view his blog for more info — Cushiebutts Blog



Happy New Year!

Back to work now after the christmas holidays, lots of pencil drawings to come over the next few weeks including a few more dog breeds and african wildlife. The tiger drawing i completed a few months back has nearly sold out so will be doing a couple more Tigers, maybe the Siberian and Sumatran aswell as a Lynx, Cheetah and Black Panther. Also have a few more black and white airbrush pieces on the way including Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen. Heres 2 recent commissions completed over Xmas, the first an illustration for a Mobility Scooter company called East Coast Hire, have been asked to do the logo, web design and a few illustrations, and second a pencil drawing of a Horse completed in black watercolour pencil.