Author: garytymon

More colour pencil drawings

Here’s 5 more recent colour pencil drawings – A giant panda, a grey wolf, an elephant, a mountain gorilla and a snow leopard – all completed with Derwent Procolor pencils on watercolour paper. Prints are available at my website –


Some recent drawings…

Heres a collection of recent drawings over March/beginning April, all completed with black and grey watercolour pencil – click the images for a larger view. From top left, a Sheltie puppy, a Schnauzer puppy, an Agouti rabbit, a blue merle collie called ‘Piper’, a great tit, a black retriever called ‘Harley’, a Norfolk terrier, a blue tit, a goldfinch, a dalmation pelican, a spaniel called ‘Cookie’ and finally two bee-eater birds.