Latest gossip…

Sunday – the day of rest. Was good to see Man Utd get stuffed last night by Barcelona in the champions league, Alex Ferguson didnt look too happy :o( and Doctor Who is getting more and more confusing – apparently Amy Pond is a ganger and has been since episode 1 when the Silence kidnapped her and shes now imprisoned in a pod somewhere and theres a woman with an eyepatch involved and shes having a baby and i dont know what the hell is going on… brain is frazzled. Anyway, summers nearly upon us, heres hoping for some glorious hot weather and not too many wasps please. As for the artwork currently have a couple more pencil portraits to complete before i start on some book illustrations week after next, 30 ish loose cartoony illustrations for a wine themed book, here are some of the rough designs i’ve been sent to transform.

Going to be doing them in a very simple and cartoony style like the Cover of the Connells album ‘Fun and Games’ and will post when i make a start. Also will be doing a couple more caricatures, not decided which ones yet but might do a Katy Perry or Cheryl Cole, and maybe a Shaun of the Dead or Blackadder IV. Also a Bruce Springsteen black and white airbrush will make an appearance at some point. Anyway, back to being a lazy arse for the rest of day…


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