The taxman cometh…

Arghhh! Its that time of year again when the taxman comes knocking at the door and i hide behind the sofa hoping he goes away. Anyway, nearly finished it, as usual left it till the last minute, trying to forget it exists but as always comes and bites me on the bum. note – i must get more organized next year!!! Cocked up all my plans for getting lots of artwork done, was hoping to finish the Britt Ekland black and white last week but i’m about half way through that now, also midway through an airbrush illustration of Bones (Dr. McCoy) from Star Trek to go with Kirk and Spock i did a couple of years ago, i think that will be the first to get finished and will post it on here as soon as its ready for sale. Also going to start doing some black watercolour pencil sketches when i get a bit of time… HAHA!! when i get a bit of time…

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