New artwork available – SNOW LEOPARD

Here’s a painting i’m working on at the moment, a snow leopard. Background colour is finished and just started blocking in the burnt umber and lighter browns of the fur. After that all the lighter blues and browns will be added to add volume and finally the whites.

Here i’ve got much of the face done, slowly working down from the face to the bottom left adding most of the whites and lighter colours aswell as detail in the eyes and mouth, all the finer detail like whiskers and bright white highlights are added at the end.

The face is now completed and now working my way down the body hair with a light brown/white slightly darker than the face area so that the face will stand out.

And once the body hair is completed i go over the hair again highlighting various areas and then finally the whiskers and really bright white parts of the painting are added. Here is the finished artwork available at


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