Winter Wonderland!

So that was christmas, finally its over. I think i ate about a weeks worth of food on christmas day, lots of chocolates, mince pies, baileys, not to mention the huge christmas dinner, christmas pud, and turkey sandwiches afterwards. I then spent boxing day regretting it but was forced to go out and have another huge meal, pudding etc later followed by a booze up. The next day was spent mostly on the toilet (abit like the exorcist but coming out the other hole). Anyway, it was a great christmas, new year’s eve (can’t remember…. too much guiness), 4 days of recovery and this morning woke up to find lots of snow everywhere… so i’ve been marrooned in the house all day, weather forcast says even more snow is due tomorrow. Great!!!!! Did i say i hoped it was going to be a white christmas…… i’ve changed my mind now!! ANyway, hope you all had a great christmas and new year….back to work now!


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