Christmas is coming…

Brrrrrrr!!! It’s getting chilly out, looks like winter is nearly upon us. Currently working on a commission piece starring Neil and Tony from PC Academy. The brief is for Neil to be wearing a santa claus outfit (top half) complete with beard and bobble hat and for Tony to be wearing an elf costume and a shirt bearing the windows 7 logo. Here is the rough…


I think this is a good time to show you how i go about transforming a rough into the finished coloured artwork as its a pretty simple job with a white background so over the next couple of days as i work on it will post a how to guide with some useful tips on creating the black outline and how the colouring in is achieved with photoshop CS4. After this one is finished i have another piece starring Neil and Tony but with them both sat in a sledge being pulled by reindeer carrying a sack full of presents. Anyway, talking of presents i wouldnt mind recieving my windows 7 cd through the post as im still waiting to upgrade from vista but the bloody posties have gone on strike and its still hanging about in the sorting office somewhere. Tut tut.


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