Day: September 10, 2009

Deadline approaching!!!

About half way through the ted artwork now, going well just a few more roughs to complete and then bang out the final artwork. After that its work on another childrens book ‘Mr Jones’s Magic Computer Shop’ which involves a Laptop in a computer repair shop with all his computer friends. Roughs are already done for that so shouldnt be a big job. Went for a visit to the Leeds Art Gallery on Monday, it was raining…infact every time i visit Leeds now its raining.¬†Took some snaps of some very interesting pieces of art…. surrealism i think they call it. Only managed to take a few before a security man told me taking photos is not allowed or arms will be broken. I apologised and when he disappeared out of view sneakily took some anyway. Anarchy!


a pair of legs in a bucket…mmm


man with arrow in mouth…….?


Carrie standing next to a very large painting to show its very large….


this is were i said ‘lets get out of here and head to the pub’